The Dangers of Using an Anonymous Proxy List


Many people are attracted to the idea of using anonymous proxy list to rely on the proxies that will hide their privacy online. A proxy serves as a mediator between a client and a server, shielding information of the client to the web server that is being accessed. With a proxy, you are not exposing information like your IP address or your exact location at the country and city level. These are information that you wouldn’t want every website that you visit will know. This is made possible with the use of a proxy server.

With a legitimate proxy list, you can get reliable links to proxies that can protect your privacy and can allow you to transmit information online without worries because your information is treated with utmost privacy. When you make online transactions and you need to submit your credit card information, you wouldn’t want that very important information to just pass by the line without any security or privacy measure. A legitimate and trusted proxy provided by a proxy list can serve the purpose of hiding and protecting you from anybody online. This becomes like a body guard that you would trust your life to, or a secretary who wouldn’t give away your personal information to anyone. This is how a proxy works.

However, with illegitimate proxy lists that are rampantly promoted and easily accessed, the purpose of privacy and security is defeated. These are the free proxy lists that are managed by somebody you do not know. If legitimate proxies are sincere in providing you with useful lists, illegitimate proxy lists can also appear to do the same. The only difference is that you are giving your anonymous proxy list provider with the unlimited access to your private information that is passed through the proxy that it recommended. It is true that if you have visited 20 websites in a day, with a proxy your information such as IP address and location are shielded by the proxy, legitimate or not. The only difference is that your questionable provider has the access though. The legitimate provider though has the level of ethics that you can trust because you know who owns the list. The owner of the free proxy provider is a total stranger to you. You may not know if the site where you got the proxy list is in Russia, Yugoslavia, Syria or wherever.

This is the danger of irresponsibly using an anonymous proxy list. If you really want a true privacy, security and protection of your personal information, use a legitimate proxy list. There are those who offer their list for free but you have to check on the reliability of the site. You have to make sure that you did your homework in verifying the credibility of the free proxy list provider.

As the internet changed the way we conduct businesses and communicate, it is very important that we are equipped with the right information and tools to maximize its use. With a legitimate proxy list, you will be shielded from unauthorized access to your valued information.